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Everbility is your documentation assistant, designed specifically for Occupational Therapists.

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  • AI powered tables

    Our users love tables, and now we have AI-powered tables available in the writer. Just insert a table and add headers, and Everbility will look through your notes to fill up the table for you. We are committed to making the writer the best report-writing experience for you, and we believe this is a big step in that direction. 🚀

    Checkout the walkthrough of the new feature by Angela.

    Quality of life improvements

    • We did some background updates to make Everbility more reliable which should result in faster error responses in case the OpenAI API is down. ❤️‍🩹
    • More data fetching optimizations when using the new AI powered editor. Everbility makes fewer requests to the server now. 🛜

    New support options

    Reaching out to us for help just got a whole lot easier. You can now reach out to us via email, chat or book a meeting. We are here to help you get the most out of Everbility.

    🐛  Bug fixes

    • Fixed a bug where the users would see an error notification momentarily when accessing their client data on templates. 🏃‍♀️

    AI Powered Editor

    Say hello to our biggest change yet. The new AI powered writer that allows you to write reports, letters, etc super fast. Backed by the knowledge about your clients and the Allied Health we believe this is going to completely change how you use Everbility and interact with our AI models. See it in action.

    🚀  Improvements

    • Breadcrumbs have been added to make it obvious where you are when using Everbility and to make it easier to jump back and forth. 🍞

    • You can access client data and report history easily when using the writer or the assistant. 📝

    • Faster tooltips have been added throughout the app. 🗨️

    • The voice text icon has been updated to make it clearer that you can use voice input. 🎙️

    • General performance improvements for the app. Everbility now makes less requests and works the same. ⚡

    • Performance updates to our editor to make it more stable.

    🐛  Bug fixes

    • You can no longer send empty messages to the assistant. 🙅‍♂️ Thank you to our user Kim for highlighting this issue to us.

    Smart Select

    Select your client, turn on Smart Select and see how Everbility picks the right notes and gives you the answer! This brings the capability of not having to worry about the length of your notes anymore! No more worrying about which note to select. Everbility does that for you.

    If you want, you can still select individual notes by turning smart select off.

    🚀  Improvements

    • You can now download/copy the entire conversation at once

    🐛  Bug fixes

    • Fixed a bug where the note would get unselected if you moved away from the window or tried to edit the note when using Assistant or Writer ✅
    • We have solved the mystery of the disappear conversation. Your conversation is not going to disappear even if you leave your computer idle. Also, there is always history. ⏳

    Voice Input

    Now you can use voice input when using Everbility assistant or writer! 🎙️

    You may have used speech-to-text on your devices before, but we promise you that this is a big step up. Built using the best speech-to-text AI models, you will be amazed at how well Everbility understands you!

    Conversation History

    We have conversation history! You can see and continue your past conversations here.

    🚀  Improvements

    • Everbility is focused on Privacy and committed to protecting your data. We highlighted that on our homepage along with other design improvements. 🔐
    • We have deprecated our old chat page. If you visit the old chat page, you will see a link to our assistant.
    • We are active on Instagram! Say hello to us there:

    🐛  Bug fixes

    • We fixed a bug when generating the follow-up question where the loading indicator would keep spinning.

    Better Knowledge Base

    Introducing "Explore", which intelligently provides you links from the NDIS based on your query.

    As a part of this change, we also improved the Assistant's knowledge, and you will find it a bit smarter. We will continue to build this feature out and include other knowledge sources for different funding models in Australia and overseas.

    🚀  Improvements

    • Assistant provides a follow up question that you can use to continue your conversation with the it. 🤖
    • We have added a stop button to stop generating an answer in Assistant and Writer.

    🐛  Bug fixes

    • Lists are rendered properly when talking to assistant.

    New Writer

    Writer has been revamped to make it easier to use!

    🚀  Improvements

    • A reorganised view for templates so that you can find the right template easily.

    Cross Device Notes

    Everbility finally comes with cross-device document storage and an easy way to organise client notes and templates! Now access your notes from anywhere, anytime. 📝

    As with any feature we introduce at Everbility, security and privacy are our highest priority. Any data you add to Everbility is encrypted and stored currently in Australia. In the future, we will offer our international users storage options in their respective countries.


    We released our biggest update yet and released a brand new in-browser editor. Use a template and notes to generate a report section and see the new editor in action.

    At Everbility, we believe we have just scratched the surface of how technology can positively impact the Allied Health space. We have decided to focus on documentation first, and today we took a big step to take report writing to the next level.

    🚀  Improvements

    • Finding research is a lot faster now. We have gone from an average of 40 seconds to do research when clicking the "Find Research" button to an average of 15 seconds.

    🐛  Bug fixes

    We fixed a bug where the Docx download was putting a lot of content in the same line. So more reliable docx downloads and less work for you when incorporating them in your reports!


    We are pleased to share that Everbility is fully compliant with the Australian Privacy Principles and the Privacy Act 1988. We have updated our Privacy Policy to reflect the same.

    🚀  Improvements

    • You can now save your repeatedly used questions when talking to the Assistant thanks to the new "Question Library ⌘K"
    • The prompts in the "Question Library" are now shown in their entirety and not truncated as before.

    Spring Cleaning

    🚀  Improvements

    • New users will now see example notes, templates and questions. To make starting with Everbility a little easier. If you have found Everbility too intimidating in the past, we hope this will help!
    • Uploaded client notes can be viewed and edited when talking to the Assistant.
    • Adding client notes and templates is a little easier with wider panels to upload documents.
    • Everbility as a whole should feel a lot more usable on mobile. We still recommend using it on the desktop for the best experience.
    • You can now copy/download the answers/reports generated by Everbility.

    Report Generation

    🚀  Improvements

    • Report writing is a big part of the workflow where we believe we can help. With that in mind, we have released the first version of our report-writing workflow, which allows us to generate reports based on Templates and Client Notes.
    • ‘Example questions’ are available in the assistant by clicking the button of ⌘K shortcut.
    • OTs love tables! The assistant is now capable of generating properly formatted tables.