Everbility - Review

At MoveAbout Therapy Services, our unwavering commitment is to support those who support the kids. Everbility has emerged as a transformative tool for our team, notably enhancing our documentation process. Whether we're crafting treatment notes or drafting comprehensive reports, Everbility not only elevates the quality of our documentation but also conserves our invaluable time, allowing us to shift more focus towards our primary goal: our clients. The responsiveness of the Everbility team has truly stood out. Their rapid integration of a voice-to-text feature, following our suggestion, is a testament to their dedication to relentless improvement. With Everbility as our diligent Executive Assistant, we are now even more able to focus on the parts of our work that we love, planning and delivering amazing support and service to our families.

Furthermore, it's comforting to know that Everbility has invested the effort to ensure that all privacy and confidentiality standards are upheld, meeting the stringent requirements set by AHPRA. It's also great that they have trained their system in the National Disability Insurance Scheme so that it can support us with NDIS related documentation. We're genuinely excited about our journey ahead with Everbility, a tool that seamlessly aligns with and caters to the needs of dedicated therapists.

Dave Jereb, Senior OT & Director, MoveAbout Therapy Services