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  • Occupational Therapy trained chatbot
  • Your data is private and never used for training AI models
  • Find supporting research papers using AI
  • Query your documents
  • Transcribe your notes using your voice
  • Write reports and letters using AI
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Wall of Love

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“Thanks for the dial in to our team meeting the other day. I wish I took a video of some of reactions from staff having their first go at using Everbility that afternoon. Honestly, it would have been gold for any advertising!!”

Senior Occupational Therapist

“You definitely still need to use your clinical reasoning but it takes away so much of the pain of getting started”


“it is like riding a bike, Everbility does the pedalling, and we just have to steer it.”

Senior OT

“Everbility has been saving me hours this week!”


“Interesting, clever and the future!”

Amy, OT

“I asked [Everbility] to help me write a section of a report and I was pleasantly surprised that it came up with all the points I would normally write plus a couple I hadn't thought of before”


“Everbility has been remarkably helpful.”


Private by design

Built from the ground up with privacy in mind

We are committed to protecting your data.

The Privacy Act
Zero Data Retention, Privacy Focussed AI
Everbility has an agreement with OpenAI where any data you upload to Everbility is not used to train or improve their models and is not retained on OpenAI servers for any amount of time.
Australian Privacy Principles, The Privacy Act
Everbility is compliant with the Australian Privacy Principles and the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).
End-to-end encryption
Any notes or templates uploaded to Everbility are encrypted at rest and in transit.
Data stored in Australia
Client notes and templates uploaded to Everbility are stored in Australia. We plan to offer more regions in the future.

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