Add client notes

Add notes for a client to help Everbility generate documents and answer questions.

Add notes

Once you have added a client start adding client notes. These can be session notes, previous reports, letters, etc. They don't have to be too well formed and can be a brain dump. Click on the Client Data button and then click on Create New Note.

add client notes

You will be presented with our note taking editor. Write your note and add a title. The note will auto-save after beng edited. Click 'Close' when you're done to return to the Client page.

client note editor

Alternatively, you can immediately begin trascribing a note from the Client page by clicking Transcribe New Note. This will open the editor with the transcription already recording.

transcribe new note


Your notes can also contain tables. You can add a table by clicking on Insert in the toolbar and then Table.


When using Writer or Assistant

When using Writer or Assistant, you can also add notes by click on the Add New Note button on the left navigation bar.

add note writer

Delete a note

Click the bin icon in the row of the note you wish to delete, then click Delete in the pop-up.

delete note
delete note

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