Write a report

Use Everbility writer to write reports, letters, SOAP notes, etc. Use AI templates and the AI powered editor to work on your documents really fast.

Select a client

Select a client from the left navigation bar. Each report/document is associated with a particular client.

select client

You won't be able to change the client once you have started writing a report.

Select a template

Next, select one of the template you previously created from the drop down menu on the top of the editor. You will see the chosen template in the editor.

select template

Start writing

You are ready to start creating your report. Your report will save as soon as you start typing in the editor. This will create a copy of your template and you can edit it as you wish. Next we will see how to write your report with the help of AI.

The report and the title will automatically save as you type.

Change title

By default the title of the report will be the title of the template. You can change the title by clicking on the title and typing a new title.

change title

Use prompts

Remember the prompts we added when we created the templates? You can use them to generate paragraphs and tables for your report. Click on the chat bubble icon to get Everbility to automatically look through your notes, find the most relevant information and use it to generate your report section.

ai assistant

You can also add new prompts for paragraphs and tables that were previously not present for in your template.

Smart select

The left hand navigation bar has a Smart Select toggle. When smart select is enabled and you click on the chat bubble icon, Everbility will automatically look through all notes and use parts that closely match your question.

You can also select No Client if you want to write a document not associated with any client.

smart select

Turn it off and select notes manually if you want Everbility to focus on a few specific notes.

Tip: For very specific questions turn the smart select off and select notes manually. That being said you will be surprised how well Everbility does with smart select on.

Edit using AI

You can also select a section of text and click on the pencil icon to edit it with AI.

ai assistant

Just give Everbility the instructions and it will edit the text for you.

ai assistant

Edit using AI is great for editing portion of paragraphs and tables. If you want to change the entire paragraph or table we recommend using the Toggle Prompt feature. At the moment you can't select multiple paragraphs when editing using AI.

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