Use your voice or existing audio files to transcribe notes.

Voice to text

Our note taking editor also allows you to use your voice to transcribe notes using our state of art AI models. You will find the transcription to be surprisingly good and we find that it works with a variety of accents. You do not need to dictate punctuation, just speak naturally.

voice to text

There is a limit of 180 minutes (3 hours) for a single voice-to-text session. This is reset every time you start a voice-to-text session.

Once you click on the microphone icon, Everbility will start recording your voice and will transcribe when you click done. No voice recordings are stored on our servers.

voice to text recording

The transcription will be happening as you speak. Everbility transcribes the audio it has recorded so far as it detects a pause in your speech or every 30 seconds, whichever is earlier.

Transcribe audio files

You can upload your existing audio files to transcribe them. Click on the Upload button and select the audio file you wish to transcribe. Most major audio file formats are supported.

upload audio

Currently there is a limit of 10MB per audio file.

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