Ask questions

Use your AI powered assistant to query a large number of notes, summarisng, synthesising and brainstorming super fast

Ask questions

Select a client or No Client from the left navigation bar. Then start talking to the assistant by typing in your question and clicking on the chat bubble icon. Assistant knows a lot about occupational therapy and allied health in addition to the notes you have added.

You can press Enter to ask Everbility the question. You can press Shift + Enter to add a new line when typing your question.

ask questions

You can keep having a back and forth conversation with the assistant. You can also use the assistant to brainstorm ideas and get inspiration for your reports. The best way to talk to assistant is to how you would talk to a human assistant.

Assistant has memory. So it will remember the conversation which is great for asking follow-up questions. If you want a blank slate, click on the + icon to start a new conversation.

Find Research

If you want to find peer reviewed research to support the answer provided by the assistant you can click on Find Research button. Everbility will provide you up to 5 peer reviewed articles that are relevant to the answer.

find research

We will be bringing this feature to the writer in the near future.

Prompt Library

If you are a conversational wizard and have some great questions that you are repeatedly asking the assistant, you can save them in the prompt library. Click on the bookmark icon on the top left or press Cmd/Win + K to open the prompt library and save your favourite prompts.

prompt library

You can later re-use these prompts whenever you are talking to the assistant. We also provide some example prompts to get you started.

Export Conversation

Everbility allows you to export your conversation easily. You can either download the entire conversation or just a particular answer. Currently you can copy the conversation as Markdown, Plain Text or download it as a Word Document.

download answer
Export a particular answer
download conversation
Export the entire conversation

Conversation Settings

Some other settings that you can change for the conversation are:

conversation settings

By default Everbility may provide you with a link to a relevant page of the NDIS Guidelines website. You can turn this off by clicking on the NDIS Links checkbox.

Follow-Up questions

To help you get started Everbility may prompt you with a follow-up question that you can ask the assistant. You can click on it and it will be populated in your question box. You can turn this off by clicking on the Follow-Up questions checkbox.

Voce to text

You can use your voice to talk to the assistant. Click on the microphone icon and start talking. Everbility will transcribe your voice and then you can click on the chat bubble ask the assistant the question.

voice to text
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