Manage an Organisation

Manage multiple accounts as part of an organisation.

Create an Organisation

Everbility can enable organisations to manage multiple accounts under one administrator. To create an organisation, log in to the administrator's account and go to the Manage account console, then click Organisation on the lefthand menu.

create organisation

To create an organisation, give your organisation a name and click Create Organisation.

create organisation

Finally, set the number of licenses your organisation will need and click Update Licenses. This will be reflected in your organisation's billing and will enable you to invite up to as many organisation members as you have licenses.

organisation licenses

Invoicing for all members of an organisation is managed under the administrator's account.

Invite Members

Now that you have created your organisation, you can invite members to join. To do this, scroll down to the Invitations section and click Invite team member, then type in the email address of the person you want to invite and confirm by clicking Invite team member within the pop-up.

invite member

Your team member will receive a confirmation email and their email address will appear in the Invitations section until they accept the invitation.

invite member

To join an organisation after being invited, log in and go to the Manage account console, then click Organisation on the lefthand menu and check the Invites section. If you have an active invite, you can click the green Accept Invite button to join.

accept invite

After accepting the invitation, your team member's email address will move to the Members section and they will be able to access the organisation's resources.

organisation members

Remove Members

To remove a member from your organisation, you can find their email address in the Members section and click the Remove button next to them (it looks like a red bin icon) and confirm via the pop-up.

remove member

Organisations cannot be deleted or renamed after being created. If you need to make any changes to your organisation, please reach out to