Welcome to Everbility! Documentation assistant for Occupational Therapists.

With Everbility you can write your reports, letters, etc. faster than ever before. Let's get started 🏃‍♀️

0️⃣ Add a client

Go to Dashboard, then Clients in the left-hand sidebar, and finally click on the Add New Client button. Fill in name and click the Add button to finish adding the new client.

add a client

1️⃣ Add client notes

Once you have added a client start adding client notes. These can be session notes, previous reports, letters, etc. Click on the Client Data button and then click on Create New Note.

add client notes

You will be presented with our note taking editor. Write your note and add a title. The note will auto-save after being edited. Click Close when you're done to return to the Client page.

client note editor

2️⃣ Create a template

Everbility templates are AI powered documents that you create once and then use multiple times for your reports, letters, etc. You can create a template by going to Dashboard , then Templates and click on add a template.

add a template

Use our AI powered editor to create your template. You can click on Mark as Instruction to mark a highlighted paragraph as an instruction for Everbility to follow. This paragraph will be generated by Everbility for you when start writing a report.

template editor

You can also highlight a written paragraph of content and generate an instruction for Everbility to follow based on the context by clicking Convert to Instruction (the robot icon).

convert to instruction

After clicking Convert to Instruction, Everbility will generate some instruction options to choose from.

convert to instruction

3️⃣ Write a report

Once you have added a client and created a template you can start writing a report. Go to Dashboard and then Writer. In the left navigation bar select your client and then select your template.

write a report

Click on the chat bubble icon to get Everbility to automatically look through your notes, find the most relevant information and use it to generate your report section.

ai assistant

You can also select a section of text and click on the pencil icon to edit it with AI.

ai assistant

Just give Everbility the instructions and it will edit the text for you.

ai assistant

4️⃣ Ask questions

Everbility also comes with your very own AI assistant that you can use to ask questions. Go to Dashboard and then Assistant and start querying your notes and brainstorming ideas.

ask a question